Charity Begins At Home supports education, wildlife, land conservation, infrastructure and health programs impacting South Luangwa, Zambia. It is the charitable arm of The Bushcamp Company, a National Geographic award-winning safari lodge also located in South Luangwa. Donations from U.S. residents are collected through Friends of Charity Begins At Home, a 501(c)(3) registered charity, and distributed to responsible local organizations in South Luangwa that support the people, wildlife and sustainability of the region.
Clean Water Project

borehole providing clean water
It costs $7,000 USD to dig a borehole that can provide clean water to an entire community for generations.

borehole providing clean water
It is estimated that, in Africa alone, over 345 million people are without access to clean water.
Through borehole drilling, health education, and better access to medical support, Charity Begins At Home is helping improve many of the health services that most people would take for granted.

Commit to Clean Water Fund
  • Drilling boreholes for community access to clean, safe water
  • One borehole costs around $7,000 to construct, but benefits thousands of community members for generations

HIV and AIDS Training
  • Kakumbi HIV & AIDS Nutritional Support Project
  • HIV & AIDS education community theater projects

Kakumbi Community Clinic
  • Long term funding for staffing, services and emergency response for the only rural medical health center in the region
Charity Begins At Home donations go a long way:
Helps feed a student through the Meal-A-Day Program
Pays for an anti-snaring day patrol
Pays for 50 seedlings for tree-planting
Pays for fees, books, uniform and shoes for one student for a year
Pays for the drugs needed to de-snare an elephant
Pays for a rural student who boards at secondary school for a year
Drills one borehole for clean drinking water for thousands